A handful of the best sports cities of all time and the reasons why you should visit them

When thinking about the biggest sporting cities from around the world, the following cities will come to mind.

When men and women think of soccer, Spain is one of the very first countries that comes to mind. The nation has been a dominant force in the sport for some time, and much of that dominance has been driven by one city, Madrid. A number of the best sports cities in the world are highly regarded because one of the teams within the city has much success. Madrid is special in the fact that it has two teams that have been massively successful in the past. The Real Madrid owner will hope his team continues to be on top of their inner-city competitors; nevertheless, this is no simple task and it will need further investment. The city has end up being even more popular in the past couple years because of the financial investment there has been by both teams on their respective arenas. The more recent of the two stadiums has recently been the host of the greatest club competition in world football, which has further showcased how exciting a sporting city the Spanish capital truly is.

A city with a abundant sporting historical past will usually be regarded as one of the best sporting cities of all time; it is really rather challenging to develop yourself as an important sporting city because the history of a city is so vital when ranking the most popular sporting places. The Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao owner would be a perfect example of somebody who is seeking to put a city on the sporting map, however it's not an easy task. The chairman has invested a considerable range, both on world well-known players but likewise on a large sports arena which holds nearly 60,000 fans. In the coming years the team will become more and more popular as it draws in more recognisable players. The Chinese football league is also getting better, which will help to draw in more spectators from all over the world. With more investment and spectatorship, the Chinese football market will undoubtedly ended up being one of the top sports markets.

Italy has always been among the most famous footballing nations, and that fact will not change anytime soon. The nation’s most famous footballing city is in the north, but it may even be more well-known for its fashion field. The city was most likely the most effective in the world today around the end of the 21st century, and the new AC Milan owner will hope that the club can return to these heights and become the dominant force in Europe. The Rosseneri are not the sole reason why Milan is so highly regarded by sports fans, the fierce rivalry they have with the team that they share their popular sports arena helps to add to the romance the city has with football. Despite the fact that the clubs are not the most valuable sports teams in the nation, they still have more than enough resources to compete with the greatest teams around.

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